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Customized Education & Training

Professional Education Center

CWPD Custom Education for Corporations, Government Agencies, and Nonprofits

Over the last half-century, the United States has moved from a manual labor–based economy to a skills-based economy. Years of economic research has established that skilled workers are a critical input into production that leads to higher productivity growth for businesses. The Roger Williams University’s Center for Workforce & Professional Development (CWPD) offers customized learning solutions for groups, teams, departments and organizations; including corporations, government agencies, and community nonprofits. Our custom programs offer a commitment to the highest quality, customized content and flexible formats that are contextualized to meet your or your organization’s needs. In an economy driven by results, innovation, and knowledge, the CWPD is uniquely positioned to access thought leaders, leading practitioners, and market experts throughout the Rhode Island area, as well as faculty from across the University to contribute to the design and delivery of custom learning solutions.

Designing and Developing a PEC Course for Your Organization

There can be no doubt that our economy is far more globally and technologically integrated than ever before. The global marketplace rewards organizations that rapidly and routinely find better ways of doing business. The CWPD can design, develop and deliver programs and courses that meet your organization’s human capital goals and address your specific industry challenges.

The RWU CWPD consults with the organization to identify the content, program type, preferred format, targeted employees and most effective delivery method to meet the objectives within the budget of the sponsoring organization. A detailed outline of the program is established and carefully evaluated to ensure that the course objectives are tied to business outcomes.

If you are interested in establishing a partnership with the CWPD, please contact Dawne Pezzuco at or (401) 254-3849.

CWPD Courses and Programs are Cost Effective and a Great Investment

21st century training and professional development programs need to ensure that company resources are used cost effectively, as budgets tend to be limited. Measuring business impact after training determines the return on investment. Rather than mandating a set of courses, tying the training budget to specific outcomes produces more measurable results. Participants apply new skills and concepts immediately while developing competencies for long-term career growth, thus improving employee recruitment, retention, and advancement.

CWPD Partnerships

The CWPD is housed in University's College's School of Professional and Continuing Studies (UC), which has a long history of building partnerships with local, regional, national and governmental agencies. Depending on the partnership, courses may be offered on-site, online or on-campus. RWU has developed a range of learning solutions for corporate, non-profit, and government organizations. Below is an example of a recent partnership community:

Town of North Smithfield, Rhode Island

The CWPD has teamed up with the Town Hall of North Smithfield to establish a municipal finance 2 – session course. We are using this course as a foundation to now set up an intermediate level 6 week class introducing more municipal finance concepts.

Hear first hand from the Brenda MacDonald, Finance Director, Town of North Smithfield about their experience:

“I enjoyed working with Roger Williams CWPD to help create and customize an educational presentation for the staff at North Smithfield Town Hall. The instructor came on-site to our town and had a great presentation & discussion concerning the working of governmental accounting. We will continue to work with the CWPD to further our education.”

Information on Partnership Registrations & Payments

How to Register

As a partner who is interested in Roger Williams University developing a professional education opportunity for your organization, please follow the steps below to correctly register employees as students in a non- credit course offering:

  1. Download the Registration Form and complete for each student.
  2. Collect CWPD Registration Forms for all students, and then submit all at once by e-mail to
  3. Once forms are received, a member of RWU UC will contact your organization to continue the registration process, and follow up regarding the next sequence of steps.


Payment for a professional education opportunity should be mailed by check if it is an employer- sponsored registration. When paying by check, please write the check to: Roger Williams University-Providence. Please include “CWPD” in the memo.

Checks can be mailed to:

Roger Williams University-Providence
University's College's School of Professional and Continuing Studies
1 Empire Street, Providence, RI 02903

If you are interested in establishing a partnership with the CWPD, please contact Dawne Pezzuco at or (401) 254-3849.