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Professional Education Center

Enrollment and Payment

 How do I enroll and pay for a PEC offering sponsored by my employer?

  1. Employees participating in a PEC course sponsored by employers do not need to register and pay for the course online. The employer will send a check to the above address for all of the employees participating in the PEC offering prior to the start of the course/session. Please contact your company’s HR department for additional information.

  2. How do I receive reimbursement from my employer after successfully completing a course at the PEC?

    Please note that some employers have requirements and expectations of their employees who take advantage of company-sponsored education programs. Check with your employer’s HR department before enrolling in a PEC course to ensure proper reimbursement.

  3. Does the PEC offer options for financial aid?

    RWU only offers financial aid to eligible matriculating students enrolled in credit-bearing degree programs. Therefore, financial aid through RWU is not available for PEC offerings.

  4. Can I withdraw from a PEC offering and will I get reimbursed?

    Participants can withdraw from a PEC offering but there is no refund available for any withdrawal after the session has started.

    Withdrawal without Processing Fee
    Participants have a period of two business days after registering to withdraw his or her enrollment without penalty except for a withdrawal fee. PEC offerings with a cost of $100 or more will be subject to a 10% withdrawal fee not to exceed $100.

    Withdrawal with Processing Fee
    Participants who withdraw after two or more business days of registering and prior to the start of the program will subject to the withdrawal fees as noted above and all PEC offerings will be subject to a 25% processing fee not to exceed $50. 

    All refunds are calculated on an individual program basis and are computed based on the date that a student's request to withdraw is received in writing via fax: 401.254.3560 or email

    Here is a link to the PEC withdrawal form (TBD):

  5. What is your course cancellation policy?

    All programs are offered contingent upon sufficient enrollment. If a program must be canceled, the PEC will notify registered students at least three (3) calendar days before the program’s start date. All registered students will receive a 100% refund. No fees will be charged for canceled programs.

Location & Parking

  1. Where is Roger Williams University–Providence?

    The CWPD is located at the RWU-Prov campus in the heart of Providence. The CWPD is housed in University's College's School of Professional and Continuing Studies, which is on the 3rd floor of 1 Empire Street, Providence, RI 02903.

    Follow this link for our exact location and directions

  2. Where will my classes be located?

    The CWPD offers a variety of educational delivery options. Courses and seminars are available on-campus, online, and on-site.

  3. Does RWU-Prov have access to parking and public transportation?

    RWU-Prov has free parking. Validated parking is available at the parking garage located at 165 Washington Street, Providence.

    The CWPD is conveniently located within walking distance of the Kennedy Plaza bus depot. For bus schedules and routes, visit:

PEC Program Requirements and Benefits

  1. What are the requirements for a PEC offering?

    The requirements vary by program offering. The professional courses may have specific requirements while personal enrichment offerings have none. Please review our portfolio of programs for specific details of each course.

  2. What is the value of pursing professional education?

    There are many advantages of continuing your education, especially earning a Professional Certificate. Companies and organizations are very interested in employees who are consistently challenging themselves, and who are committed to being life-long learners. The PEC offers flexible and exceptional routes to earning a degree at your own pace. Certificates provide an opportunity for students to build a solid foundation and increase expertise in the chosen field of study.

    The Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) gives a great definition of Continuing Education: “Continuing Education is a fundamental part of our working lives. It is the process, by which we keep up-to-date with knowledge, improve our skills, progress into new roles and it keeps us employable throughout our lives.”

    The Key Benefits of CPD

  3. What is the typical schedule for courses in the PEC?

    Courses and seminars have a rolling schedule and are offered at various times throughout the year. Schedules will vary depending on the course length, type, and field of study. Please see the individual course offerings for exact schedules.

    Below is the link to our program offering page that lists the course availability.

    The PEC also provides custom professional development opportunities to Corporate or Community partners that is contextualized to meet their needs and is delivered on site in accordance with their work schedules.

  4. What happens if the course I want to enroll in is full?

    If you are attempting to enroll into a course and you see that it is full, please contact Dawne Pezzuco, Director of the Center for Workforce & Professional Development at (401) 254-3849 or Many of the PEC courses are offered on a rotating basis which gives you the opportunity to enroll in the following session.

  5. How much work is expected outside of the professional development session?

    The type of PD you are enrolled will determine how many hours you should invest outside of the seminar or classroom session. Please note that, in order to be successful in the professional development offerings and to have a positive learning experience, preparation and/or study time may be required.

  6. Do you need experience in order to enroll in one of our PEC opportunities?

    You do not need experience to enroll in most of the PEC offerings. The PEC offers the opportunity to participate in a course or session as a novice and to use that experience to determine if it is a topic that you would like to pursue.

    Please note that some of the professional offerings may require specific industry knowledge in order for you to have a successful experience. Please see individual course offerings for prerequisite or prior learning requirements.

  7. How Do I apply for a PEC courses and seminars?

    Individuals can browse and instantly enroll in a wide array of continuing education offerings. Payments are made online at the time of registration.

    Enroll now for a course or seminar through the PEC link:

Questions and Feedback

  1. Who can I contact if I have questions?

    You can contact us at 401.254.3530 or email us at

  2. Where can I offer suggestions & feedback?

    Every participant will be provided with a survey at the end of each course where they can provide feedback regarding the course content, instructor, and delivery method. All other suggestions regarding the PEC can be sent to