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Bachelor of Science in Public Administration

Program Description

The Bachelor of Science in Public Administration program prepares students for careers in public service that require various administrative skills including federal, state and local government agencies, nonprofit organizations and other public sector-oriented entities.  Courses focus on building skills around the topics of budgeting, personnel and financial administration, the management of organizations, public service leadership, law, political and government institutions, ethics and global awareness that are critical for not only public administration, but all global citizens.

Program Objectives

The curriculum of the BS in Public Administration program is based on the standards of the Network of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration (NASPAA) and emphasizes the following public service values:  accountability; transparency; respect for citizen privacy; ethical actions and values; and participatory processes that encourages citizen engagement.

As the basis for the curriculum, the program adheres to the following competencies related to the public service values. The competencies include five domains: the ability

  • to lead and manage in public governance;
  • to participate in and contribute to the policy process;
  • to analyze, synthesize, think critically, solve problems and make decisions;
  • to articulate and apply a public service perspective;
  • to communicate and interact productively with a diverse and changing workforce and citizenry.



Required Courses (27 credits)

POLSC 100 American Government and Politics
PA 201 Public Administration
PA 202 Studies in Public Administration
PA 305 State and Local Government
PA 306 City Management
PA 340 Public Policy
PA 362 Public Personnel Administration
PA 363 Public Financial Administration
PA 364 Organizational Theory and Management

Major Electives (9 credits)

Select three courses in public administration, political science, or other approved areas.

Core Curriculum (30 credits)

Includes two writing courses (including Expository Writing and Critical Writing for the Professional); a Mathematics skills course; Effective Speaking Across Audiences and at least one approved course from each of the following categories: Natural Science, Humanities, Fine Arts, and Social Science; and additional liberal arts electives for a total of 30 credits. 

Free Electives (54 credits)

Total Credits required to Graduate: 120

Minor in Public Administration

This program requires the completion of the following six (6) courses :

POLSC 100 American Government and Politics
PA 201 Public Administration
PA 202 Studies in Public Administration (or approved substitute)

Any three additional courses in Public Administration

Total Minor Credits 18 credits


At the completion of the program students should be competent to:

  • Undertake an administrative or entry-level leadership role in a public or nonprofit organization;
  • Participate in and contribute to the policy process;
  • Think critically;
  • Analyze and synthesize data and information for decision-making
  • Communicate, collaborate and interact with diverse groups in diverse settings