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Certificate in Community Policing

Program Description

This program provides you with the knowledge and skills relevant to forging strong and mutually beneficial relationships between public safety organizations and the communities they serve. This program is designed for those who are employed or seeking employment in the fields of policing or private security and are interested in earning a credential that focuses on your dedication to service and community. This program may be completed as a standalone certificate or embedded as part of any of the undergraduate programs offered at the School of Continuing Studies at no additional cost.

Program Objectives

  • Develop skills related to effective intra-organization communication.
  • Identify and utilize best practices in developing strong community relationships.
  • Professional and effective presentations.
  • Cultural awareness and effective communication to diverse audiences.
  • Grant writing.


Required Courses

Required Courses

PA 360 Communication in Organizations
CJS 212 Police Community Relations
IDS 300 Professional Presentations
IDS 210 Effective Speaking Across Audiences
IDS 150 Cultural Awareness in a Global Society
PA 411 Grant Writing