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Certificate in Corrections Agency Administration

This program provides you with the knowledge and skills relevant to issues related to the financial and personnel management within a public or private organization. 

Program Description

Our program is designed for those who are employed or seeking employment in the fields of policing or private security and are interested in earning a credential that focuses on the internal management and operation of an organization. You'll be equipped with the foundational tools to become a future leader able to navigate political, private, and public sector dynamics. You'll develop skills related to effective intra-organization communication and learn how to identify and utilize best practices in developing strong community relationships related to community-based corrections. Tying into all of that, you'll also learn to apply effective personnel and fiscal management practices and raise capital by learning grant writing skills.

You can complete this program as a standalone certificate or embedded as part of any of the undergraduate programs offered at the School of Continuing Studies at no additional cost.

A Balanced Experience

The criminal justice system is rarely simple, so the practitioners must be able to think critically and creatively. We provide the professional education required for you to enter the field, but we also combine it with a curriculum that encourages the capacity for critical thought and analytical reasoning.

Experienced Faculty

You need to be prepared for all the moral dilemmas and complexities the legal system brings. It's why we employ people who are actively working in the field to develop the curriculum and guide lessons.

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Fast Track Certificate Program - Starting September 4th, 2018

Fast Track Course Sequence

Students can enroll in a fast-track certificate program in order to complete the certificate in less than a year. Students seeking the fast-track certificate take one course during each 8-week minimester in the order below:

  • PA.360 - Communication in Organizations
  • CJS.332 - Community-Based Corrections
  • PA.363 - Public Financial Administration
  • PA.362 - Public Personnel Administration
  • CJS.331 - Special Problems in Corrections Administration
  • PA.411 - Grant Writing

The fast-track certificate program starts September 4th, 2018.

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Learn More About Fast-Track Certificates

What is a fast-track certificate?

They Fit Your Schedule

The fafast-track certificate is designed to fit in to your life, not the other way around. They cover the same amount of material and earn you the same amount of credits and materials as full semesters. But you control the process so you don't have to change your life while you are working to change your future.

In our one-year fast-track certificate plan, you will take a single class during  8-week semesters. All classes are fully-online and self-paced so you can balance work, family, and school and still reach your career and academic goals. A certificate can launch you towards an Associate degree or you can take your knowledge straight into the workforce.

They Save Money & Time

At SCS, we are focused on getting you to a certificate for the lowest possible cost. Our private school experience is offered at tuition rates that are lower than many public schools, no matter where you live. And we have structured our fast-track certificates so that you take full advantage of Financial Aid options.

You'll be Done in Less Than a Year

Our faculty has created a course sequence that helps you earn a certificate in less than a year. The courses are designed in connection with industry experts to make sure you are getting the knowledge you need to succeed.

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