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Bachelor of General Studies in Health Care Administration

Program Description

This program is designed for you if you are currently working in health care administration or public health, or seeking a career in fields related to health care and health administration. The program will provide you with a foundation of leadership, strategic and health care management skills.

Program Objectives

The Healthcare Administration concentration will prepare you to:

  • Apply business concepts appropriately in a healthcare setting
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the core disciplines of healthcare administration
  • Use current federal and state health policies to analyze various healthcare issues
  • Demonstrate knowledge of ethical values and responsibilities
  • Apply basic economic concepts and tools to support analysis and decision-making



Required Courses (18 credits)

HCA 105 Introduction to Public Health
HCA 352 Social and Health Services Policy and Development Skills
HCA 413 Moral and Ethical Issues in Healthcare
HCA 415 Healthcare Administration I
HCA 415 Healthcare Administration II
HCA 454 Social and Health Services Research Methods

Suggested Electives


SHS 400 Foundations of Social & Health Services
SHS 411 Grant Writing
SHS 417 Human Resource Development
SHS 421 Social Gerontology
SHS 426 Health and Nutrition
SHS 450 Introduction to Epidemiology
SHS 459 Seminar in Managed Care
PA 201 Public Administration

Major Electives

6 credits selected from Social and Health Services courses.

CORE Curriculum

Core Curriculum (30 credits)

Includes two writing courses (including, Expository Writing or the equivalent); a Mathematics skills course; and at least one approved course from each of the following categories: Natural Science, Humanities, Fine Arts, Social Science; and additional liberal arts electives for a total of 30 credits.

Electives (66 credits)

Total Credits required to graduate (120 credits)