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Certificate in Municipal Management

Program Description

Designed for adults working (or seeking to work) in municipal and local government settings who need to upgrade skills, acquire new skills, or attain additional credentials. Prospective students may be interested in both the certificate and an undergraduate degree. Many may already have college degrees but which may not be appropriate to their employment duties and responsibilities.



Required Courses (5 courses)

PA 201 Public Administration
PA 305 State and Local Government
PA 306 City Management
PA 430 Special Topics (topics in local government budgeting and finance, urban planning, human resource management, program evaluation and service delivery, etc.)
And one of the following:
PA 411 Grant Writing
PA 360 Communication in Organizations
Course Descriptions

PA 201 – Public Administration
Co-listed as POLSC 260 Introduces the theory, forms, and practice of public administration at the national, subnational, and international levels. Emphasizes administrative theories, concepts of bureaucracy, the environment of public service, and the role of administrators in government. (3 credits)

PA 305/POLSC 361 – State and Local Government
Cross-listed as POLSC 361 Prerequisite: POLSC 100 or PA 201 or PA 202 or consent of instructor Analysis of state and local governments with emphasis on the distribution of political power and administrative responsibility in selected public programs and areas of public policy. (3 credits)

PA 306 – City Management
Prerequisite: POLSC 100 or PA 201 or PA 202 or consent of instructor Study of municipal administration, including organization, financial management, personnel and labor relations, municipal services, and political and public relations; analysis of city governments and the role of city and local government managers; examination of the planning, policy, management, evaluation, and financial dimensions of cities. (3 credits)

PA 430 – Special Topics in Public Administration
Study of special topics in public administration. Topics determined by program, student needs, and availability of appropriate instruction. (3 credits)

PA 411/SHS 411 – Grant Writing
Cross-listed as SHS 411 Provides a working knowledge of the various sources of funds available to the grant writer as well as the terminology and the components (problem statements, objectives, methodology, evaluation, budget) of various funding applications and instruments. At the conclusion of the course the student will have the skills to do basic research for a grant proposal and to write a proposal. (3 credits)

PA 360 – Communication in Organizations
Prerequisite: POLSC 100 or PA 201 or PA 202 or consent of instructor A study of the nature and importance of communications in complex organizations such as corporations and agencies. Topics include communication theory, theory of organizations, managing communications in organizations, and effects of communication on behavior and attitudes. (3 credits)