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Loffredi Business Marketing Programs

Julie Loffredi is an award-winning journalist and nationally recognized media consultant.

RWU School of Continuing Studies is excited to partner with nationally recognized media consultant, Julie Loffredi on this upcoming set of marketing courses for small businesses. Her wealth of experience on a national platform is really going to help participants think differently about how to position their business and how they want to tell their story. As we enter the end of this year, these sessions will offer an opportunity for attendees to really stop and think about how they want to move in 2018.


Our marketing programs offer a range of options for beginners to mid-level professionals.

Current Program Offerings

Social Media for Business  |  Nov. 15th  |  6-9pm  |  $50 per person
Geared for the time-limited professional, learn how businesses are successfully using social media to drive conversions and brand awareness. Participants will leave with a finished strategy guide to implement immediately.


Creating the Perfect Pitch  |  Dec. 6th  |  6-9pm  |  $50 per person
Delivering a powerful and persuasive message is a key for business and personal success. In this speed session, learn techniques to create a clear and convincing pitch that can be used to gain customers or clients. 


Register for Both Sessions  |  Dec. 6th  |  6-9pm  |  $70 per person for both sessions
Interested in registering for both of these sessions? Click here to register for both workshops for a discounted rate.

Program Offerings - Starting in 2018

Interested in the courses below, click the button below to pre-register. 

Create a Winning Marketing Plan 
Start promoting your business, fundraiser, or personal brand. Geared for the time-limited professional, this marketing workshop sets realistic goals and helps you kick-start a winning integrated communications strategy through social media, website, public relations, advertising, partnerships, or advertising. Participants will leave with a finished step-by-step strategy to implement immediately.

Facebook for Business
Maximize the branding power of Facebook. Learn how to use the social media platform effectively for your business or blog, no matter the level of experience. Participants will leave with a finished strategy guide to implement immediately. Geared for the time-limited professional. 

Video Marketing for Beginners
Learn how to use videos effectively for your business, no matter the level of experience. Participants will leave with an understanding of the best practices for video marketing, what tools or equipment needed to launch a video campaign and develop a video script. 

*Participants that complete this course will have the option to register for a video workshop session to help produce their video concept.

Google My Website for Beginners
Geared for small businesses and bloggers, participants will learn the basics on launching a WordPress website and how to start boosting visibility on Google and other search engines.