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Certificate in Technology, Design & Production

This Certificate brings together what all individuals, leaders, and managers – whether in healthcare, private industry, or government- need to understand in modern work to be effective contributors, and specifically focuses on the interconnection of technology and leading people. By developing a deep understanding of how organizations and people build innovation, physical product and human connections, students can gain immediate and long-term development opportunities.

Program Description

After reviewing the overlapping areas of technology and society, students will study cases of innovation through the Design-For-Lean-Six-Sigma lens making real-world understanding of Lean & Six Sigma possible. The certificate program consistently invites students to think about how communication as technology should be adjusted and shaped as a leader or manager works with virtual teams, in-house teams, vendors, and partners. Students completing this five-course certificate will have developed an awareness of manufacturing processes, management and may consider the experience a way to enhance a current role at work or prepare for promotion within an organization or even build upon the certificate by entering the Technology, Leadership & Management Degree program.



Required Courses (12 credits)

TLM 110 Technology and Society
TLM 119 Manufacturing Process
IDS 210 Effective Speaking Across Audiences
TLM 342 Total Quality Management
TLM 455 Production Planning


Course Descriptions

TLM 110 – Technology and Society
Involves a review of the literature dealing with futuristic trends and projections for our technological society and their implications for future developments. (3 credits)

TLM 119 – Manufacturing Processes
Study of materials, processes, and equipment used in industry today. Topics include ferrous and nonferrous metals, material testing, heat treatment, founding process output capabilities of machines, welding, and inspection. Field trips and industrial films augment the text material. (3 credits)

IDS 210 – Effective Speaking Across Audiences
This class is designed to give the School of Continuing Studies student experience in the practice of researching, preparing, analyzing, and delivering public and personal presentations most often found in the workplace. One of the primary focuses of this course is to connect the role and practice of public speaking to students’ current or future
career goals. The course frames public speaking from a real world, professional approach. The interplay between audience analysis and speaker goals, and the development of personal style is emphasized.  Assignments are relevant to adult learners and/or students in the professional world/ workplace. Various types of oral presentations in a
variety of settings including interviews, small groups, board meetings, public forums and computer-enhanced speaking opportunities are explored. Students will ultimately gain confidence in their ability to organize and prepare clear, concise and interesting oral presentations to multiple stakeholders needed to meet current and future career
goals. (3 Credits) Fall, Spring, Summer I

TLM 342 - Total Quality Management
Examines TQM management methods and contrasts them with
traditional methods in U.S. industry today. Participatory and
authoritarian management approaches are reviewed. Case studies of
successful applications are examined (e.g., FedEx, 3M, Dell) along with
TQM attempts that have been unsuccessful. (3 credits)

TLM 455 – Production Planning
Examines the fundamentals of production such as analysis, planning and control, organization of production, forecasting and master production schedules, procurement, stock of production, stock control, routing, scheduling and dispatch- ing, and quantitative methods. (3 credits)