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Tuition & Fees

Tuition and Fees

Winter, Spring and Summer 2017-18

At Roger Williams University, our tuition prices do not change for wherever you live in the world.  You also can find our tuition a total cost for all three (3) college credits.

  • Evening Classroom Course (3 credits)  $999
  • Directed Seminar (3 credits)  $1,299
  • Online Course (3 credits)  $1,299
  • Graduate Certificate Course (3 credits)  $1719

General Fees

School of Continuing Studies applicants may waive their application fee upon discussing their intent to apply with an admissions representative.  Applicants & current students will pay only a one (1) time semester fee of $30.00 for each semester of attendance.  This price is not per course you take.

School of Continuing Studies students can take up to fourteen (14) college credits and pay the evening/online course rates.  If you enroll for fifteen (15) or more credits, you must pay our day course rate of $3,747 per 3 credit course.

  • Application Fee $30
  • Audit Fee $414 (per course)
  • Semester Fee $30
  • Computer Lab Fee $175 (if applicable) 
  • Graduation Fee $258
  • Lab Course Fee $425 (if applicable)
  • Late Payment Fee $85

Withdrawal Policy & Refund Schedule
A direct link to view our withdrawal policy, and refund schedule.