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We’re so glad you’re here!

RWU School of Continuing Studies alumni are an integral part of our community. We look forward to meeting your needs through career nights and professional networking opportunities. We invite you to serve as a mentor to current SCS students or join our growing cadre of alumni who teach at SCS as adjuncts.

We invite you to participate as an SCS alumni in whatever way suits your needs and your desire to stay connected. Whether you’ve studied with us in person or online (or a combination of both), you are welcome to stay involved!


If you are interested in teaching a course at SCS, contact Dean Jamie Scurry at or 401.254.3118.  For teaching a course through the SCS's Center for Workforce and Professional Development, contact Dawne Pezzuco at or 401.254.3849

Visit this site for networking opportunities, events, or mentorship (to guide current SCS students). Contact Mary Cooney at or 401.254.4805.

RWU Alumni Association