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Corporate Custom Education


University's College's (UC), Center for Workforce & Professional Development (CWPD) partners with businesses and organizations to develop custom training and education programs that prepare your workforce and leadership team to drive growth and scale success. We provide custom courses that are contextualized and targeted to meet your business needs in this ever-changing, complex, technologically driven business world. Our staff works as an extension of your human resources departments to assist in meeting your professional development and educational goals. Our programs are flexible, industry-driven, and can be delivered online, in-person at your location or on our Providence campus. They can also be a hybrid service delivery model, depending on your needs.

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We can offer customized professional development and education in the following areas:

  • Maximizing the talent of your incumbent workers
  • Developing a pipeline of potential talent to fill a new position
  • Onboarding new employees
  • Teaching a new skill, competency or technology
  • Providing leadership development for the middle management in your organization (supervisors and directors)
  • Providing training on critical management issues to develop the capacity of senior executives
  • Coaching at all levels of the business or organization

Regardless of your educational goals, we design our custom training or education programs to be competency-based, incorporating pre-and post-assessments to capture impact around your learning goals. We work diligently to ensure that our programs are responsive to enterprise needs by aligning the appropriate expert or practitioner for your industry or competency area. Our staff and faculty develop a contextualized curriculum that is culturally relevant, and we have some faculty who are able to deliver programs in Spanish.

Learn more about how the Center for Workforce & Professional Development (CWPD) can support your workforce needs.

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