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Working with the Community


Through University College's external partnerships with industry, community groups, and local and state government agencies we interface with the public and its leaders to identify and implement solutions that benefit the larger community.

The School of Professional and Continuing Studies is a thought partner and leader, working to solve problems, innovate, disrupt, and build new systems that create a positive and measurable impact for families, communities, and the State. Whether it’s designing custom courses or opening up our courses and trainings to your employees, we are prepared to provide the support and know-how that is required to meet your specific goals and needs.

What makes our partnerships so successful?

We understand that every organization's talent needs are unique and present an opportunity to cultivate your employees to successfully meet your objectives. We work to understand your needs, the development of your employees and the ethos of your organization to create a highly engaged successful workforce. Whether it’s maximizing the potential of your existing workforce, cultivating leadership from within, or building a pipeline to your specific industry, we are prepared to provide the support, know-how, and partnership that is required to meet your specific goals and needs.

We have demonstrated results and provide expertise in:

  • developing the cultural competencies of your employees
  • working with you to define the skill sets and knowledge/competencies that need development
  • creating customized learning environments that are seamlessly aligned to your requirements
  • measuring the impact on the employees performance because the training is aligned to your goals – create leadership at all levels
  • removing the barriers to effective professional development (on-site training, online training, and hybrid approaches.

Our Partners

Interested in Becoming a Partner?

Contact Dawne Pezzuco
Director of the Center for Workforce and Professional Development 

  • Community & Industry Partners

    The School of Professional and Continuing Studies offers a wide variety of non-credit professional certificate programs, seminars, and custom training to provide community and industry partners with a targeted and flexible means to advance, change or refocus career goals.

  • Referring Partners

    The School of Professional Continuing Studies has a long history of building partnerships with local, regional, national and governmental agencies.

  • Military Partners

    We collaborate and maintain partnerships with education officers throughout the military branches so we can best serve our military families.

  • Educational Partners

    We partner with schools and educational organizations to provide learning opportunities for students and the community. 

Different Partner Models