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Business Skills for the Construction Trade - Application Process



Thank you for your interest in the Business Skills for the Construction Trades program.  As part of its commitment to support the success of small construction businesses in Rhode Island, West Elmwood Housing Development Corporation has partnered with the Center for Workforce & Professional Development at the Roger Williams University School of Continuing Studies to create a new, customized professional development program.

The online application for this program can be accessed by clicking here

The training program will help small construction businesses gain critical management skills allowing them to increase their capacity, business acumen and growth potential.


BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: Develop a plan for your business and a strategy to market and promote it. Develop networking skills to help build your contacts and grow awareness of your business in the market and develop key relationships to sustain and improve your business.

PROJECT-BASED SKILLS: The Coursework takes a deeper dive in Project Estimation, planning and execution.  Learn how to plan for your resources and bid on jobs so that you can increase your capacity and be more profitable!

LEGAL AND CONTRACT MANAGEMENT: Legal and administrative skills taught through hands-on learning in how to use contracts specific to the Construction industry that are critical to protect your business and employees, and manage expectations with clients. 

BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION: Gain valuable skills with software tools to help manage key activities such as invoicing, accounting, payroll, as well as understanding of requirements for insurance and bonding and credit line planning.  

CLIENT MANAGEMENT: Managing expectations is one of the hardest things to do in any business, when you are in construction it is critical to understand how negotiating and managing projects in a changing environment means the difference between getting future referrals or not. 

A cohort of up to 20 businesses will be selected to participate in the program. While there are many benefits to participating in this program, please note that participation in no way guarantees business or preferred treatment for future contracts or bids.

We are requesting submissions from small business contractors who:

  • Have been in business in the construction trades in Rhode Island for at least three years
  • Have had up to $2 million in annual revenue
  • Have at least 3 employees
  • Are fully licensed in their trade (if applicable)