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Meet Our Students

  • A headshot of Andrew Kong

    Andrew Kong: Changing His Career, Changing His Life

    Continuing Studies Pathway Program, 2018 “By changing careers, I could change my life. If this works out, it will be a huge come up for me.”

  • Headshot of Jo pine

    Joseph Pine: "No One Goes It Alone"

    Paralegal Studies, 2019 “If I can help out in any way, that’s what I’m supposed to do now as a veteran.”
  • Headshot of Greg

    Greg Ehlinger: Saving Time & Money

    Public Administration, 2017 “Prior Learning Assessment saved me a year in my educational timeline.”
  • Headshot of Allison Raine

    Allison Raine: Utilizing Her Knowledge

    Health Communities, 2018 “Prior Learning Assessment meant I was able to utilize my time in a more productive way.”
  • A headshot of student

    Starlyn Nunez: Hopeful

    Gateway to College Student “I never looked forward to going to school until now. I’m changing my life and I know I’m changing it every day that I’m learning here. I’m affecting my future. I’m progressing.”
  • China Yang in a school library

    China Yang: Capitalizing on Opportunity

    Advanced Coursework Network Student; high school senior at the Juanita Sanchez Educational Complex "We took our knowledge from our non-profit management course and turned it into action."
  • A headshot of Jennifer Lin Outside the SCS building in downtown Providence.

    Jennifer Lin: Family Success

    Paralegal Studies, 2017 "School and work play off each other perfectly. Everything I learned was immediately applicable and still is."
  • Headshot of Johanna Bravo

    Johanna Bravo

    Technology, Leadership and Management "Eat my dust." ~Babe Ruth
  • Kashia Jennings

    Kashia Jennings

    Legal Assistant Noncredit, 2015 “I’m doing this for me and my son. I think of him when I leave work and then come straight to class.”