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Online Orientation

Online Learning

We’re so glad you’ll be attending the School of Continuing Studies (SCS). Please explore this page to learn more about getting started as a student at SCS, and about the many resources available to you:

SCS Student Handbook

Online Orientation (Video)

Course Selection, Advisement & Registration

You're almost ready to register for classes! However, before you do this, you'll need to contact your academic advisor in your particular program for advisement on course selection. In order to ensure that all students register for appropriate courses, we require that you do this prior to registering for your first Continuing Studies courses.  

You can register for courses either online (current students) or through your Academic Advisor (new or returning students):

  1. RWU Student Portal - Online Registration (Preferred Method)
    1. Visit the RWU Student Portal ( for future reference) and log in using the credentials from the email you received (be sure to include "@academics.rwu" after your username when logging in
    2. Click on the Students tab near the top
    3. Select Academic Registration from the menu on the left
    4. Select Search for Available Classes from the menu on the left
    5. Read and accept the Financial Agreement
    6. Complete the Registration Form with at least 3 pieces of information 
    7. If your course is closed, please contact your academic advisor for help with choosing another appropriate course

(Complete instructions on how to register online  can also be found on the Registrar’s page. You can also access the myRWU Tutorial).

  1. First Semester Students – Meet with your Advisor either in person or over the phone to complete a degree plan and select/register for courses for the upcoming semester. 

How Do I Access My Online Courses?

Once you've registered for your course(s), it takes up to 2 days for you to be added to your course(s) in Bridges, our online course management system.  All fully online courses at RWU will be taught in Bridges. Faculty who teach directed seminars or traditional on-campus courses also have the option of using Bridges to supplement their courses. It is best to check Bridges at and click on the My Sites tab to access your course(s) by term to determine if your faculty member is using this system. Also be aware that faculty can choose when to make their courses available to students. If they are still working on their courses you may not see them listed when you log in. When in doubt you can send your instructor an e-mail to inquire when the course will be available to you. When you are granted access, you can access your course(s) by clicking on the link below.  This link is always available by browsing to the main RWU website and clicking on "Current Students".

Bridges Online Course Access

Be sure to check your Bridges access as soon as possible.  If you cannot access your course(s) after 2 days, contact Ron Zito at or 401.254.4864.

Bridges (RWU’s Online Learning Platform)

Use the tools below to familiarize yourself with Bridges.  Questions can be directed to the Office of Instructional Design at 401.254.3187 or

Academic Policies

All students should read through the academic policies located in the university catalog using the link below.  Particular items to note are the add/drop period, withdrawal policy, and tuition refund policy.  All students should be familiar with all policies prior to enrolling in a course at RWU.

University Catalog

The University Catalog is a comprehensive guide for students attending the university.  Students are assumed to be following requirements for the various degrees/majors/minors/core concentrations as are printed in University Catalog for their first enrollment term at the university. 

For more information visit the catalog on the RWU Registrar's Office