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The SCS Philosophy

The SCS Philosophy

Most of our students come to the School of Continuing Studies after pursing an education pathway at one or multiple institutions. While some may see this as a hindrance, we see your previous educational and life experiences as strengths from which to build a solid education and career plan.  

The School of Continuing Studies meets you where you are in your educational and career journey. Our faculty and staff are experts in their fields and understand the demands that come with pursuing your education and career goals, while meeting other responsibilities such as commitments to work, family, community, or service.  We will work with as you strive to distinguish yourself within your field by offering hands-on industry experience.

Here you will find active and willing partners who are ready to ensure your success—success that is defined by your personal and career goals.  For some that could be a certificate, for others it may be an associate's or bachelor's degree, and for still others, it could be a retooling or advancing your skills and knowledge via course work or post-graduate learning opportunities.  You may even be part of a growing number of students who are looking to find their passion through a career that allows you to fulfill your purpose.

It does not matter where you begin; we will begin with you. 

You will find that many if not most of our faculty and staff, were all non-traditional or adult learners themselves. We all know what it is like to be unsure; to face competing demands, and to need support to achieve a goal. Because we have walked a similar path, we are committed to ensuring the potholes and obstacles are removed. So if or when you face a challenge, we will work with you to successfully navigate through it.

Here at SCS we have an open door approach and belief that everyone can achieve what they set their minds to. I hope you will walk in and see where those steps may take you.